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Assignment 3 - Nitin Patel - Posted

Assignment 3 has been posted but does not show an update on the ATEC3361 blog? Testing...

Assignment 3 - Nitin Patel

Web Page Structure / Flow

Wire Frame Pages Home & Secondary Pages

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Another Backup link - UTD web hassles!!


This works, the UTD link is a nightmare to get hosted, permissions issues!
The google pages link is live but a little distorted as you have to use the google pages interface!

Nitin Patel - Assignment 2

My ATEC website:


2nd Link (extreme difficulties posting on the UTD website!)

My Web Inspirations


The ultimate website with easily the most traffic on the web today.
I love the simplicity and minimalist design.
Easy to use even for someone who has never used the internet before.
The GUI hides the actual machinery and programming that goes into the greatest search engine on earth.


The Drudge Report

Although the content is extremely in favor of conservative principles, the concept and setup is amazingly effective. The website itself is very basic and easy to read. There are only a total of three different font types to convey the essential news stories of the day. The design is structured around the design of the front page of a newspaper. One man, Matt Drudge, runs and maintains this website. No user content is needed, Drudge just links to other news sources. It is in effect one web page filled with links to other sites hosting news stories. Drudge only has to make the story headlines interesting enough to get people clicking on them. He gets millions of viewers a month.



Facebook has succeeded in networking millions of users across the world. The concept is brilliant, in that users create the content themselves. It allows people to network with friends, family and sometimes co-workers. Each user gets their own slice of Facebook in the form of a profile page which encourages users to personalize and make their home page shine.

I think I can use elements of all three ideas on my website www.ideaseed.org.

My site is intended to be a forum for the free flow of ideas. I intend to use the bare bones design style of google and the Drudge Report to make my site easy to navigate and use. I want to harness the power of user generated content like Facebook does to add more interest and material that will be useful to web vistors and also encourage participation.

I have more or less settled on the idea for my website project, an open forum for the excahnge of any and all ideas. Right now I'm throwing around a few ideas as regards the actual web design.

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Assignment #1 - Nitin H. Patel

Nitin H. Patel

I hope to learn more about creating and maintaining websites

My Experience:
Rudimentary Website Creation
Google Apps
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Draw
Desktop Publishing - PageMaker
Autocad/CAM - Valor Genesis/Cam 350/Cadence

My Website: www.ideaseed.org

Movies - Games -Internet - Food - Other Eclectic Interests